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Nemesea 1 Nemesea
Caught in the middle
8 Votes

2 NRG Rising
From darkness to light
4 Votes

3 Gabrielle
Stranger in my bed
2 Votes

4 Badaró Jambrass
1 Vote

4 Dirty Old Spice
Burning children
1 Vote

4 Iced Blade
1 Vote

4 Monika Rahabi
Tylko z tobą
1 Vote

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About Nemesea:

The female-fronted gothic/rock band Nemesea was started in 2002 by vocalist Manda and guitarist HJ at the conservatory in Groningen, the Netherlands, where they both studied. They were soon joined by the bassist Sonny and drummer Steven.

In September 2003, Nemesea signed a deal with a small local label and during the following year released their debut album Mana, which had been recorded in various studios. The release of Mana gave the band a great start. The band toured intensively and received excellent reviews. For many of Nemesea's fans, Mana, the most gothic of all Nemesea's releases, still remains something of a cult album.

In 2006, Nemesea was invited to sign up on the just created website, where artists and bands could seek funding for their albums. Nemesea became the first band to raise the recording budget, and with the 50 000 $ recorded their second album In Control. The album, released in June 2007, was in a different style than the band's debut: from classical gothic rock Nemesea progressed to a more poppy sound, combining rock, gothic and elements of trance. The reactions were mixed; while the more hardcore gothic fans were disappointed with the new direction, the band's new sound seemed to appeal to a wider audience. Promotion shows followed, including a series of shows in Dolby 7 Surround (2009), which Nemesea was the first band in the world to play.

The lineup of the band changed. Drummer Steven decided to leave the band and was replaced by Frank van der Star. Also, the band welcomed the fifth member, keyboardist Lasse.

In 2010, Nemesea started working on their third album. In 2011, they got signed with Napalm Records. The Quiet Resistance was released in the same year.

Nemesea is currently promoting the album - after a series of shows in Germany last December, they are touring the Netherlands this spring and summer. They will also play a couple of shows in Belgium.

The full list of the band's shows can be found on Nemesea's website. There you can also purchase all their releases.

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