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Album out!

Posted by: Dirty Old Spice (Artist on ReverbNation)

Dirty Old Spice's new album 'Sex With Elephants' available in iTunes now:

Heidi McCaffrey

Posted by: Heidi McCaffrey (Artist on ReverbNation)

Hi, please check out my reverbnation page. Thank Heidi

FEEL ME 1st position

Posted by: Fragile Essence (Artist on ReverbNation)

Hi there!!! We want to thank all the ones who helped us last week! Thank you so so so much!!!!!


Posted by: Fragile Essence (Artist on ReverbNation)

Hello everybody! We want to thank TalentCast for including us in its programme. It's a great chance for all the musicians! And thanks to the ones who are going to vote our song! Rock on! Kisses.
Fragile Essence

We are on TalentCast Radio Show!!!

Posted by: Kyrby's House (Artist on SellaBand)

We are happy that TalentCast inclued us in last radio show! Thank You very much and hope you will like our songs!

WOOHOO!!!! just heard ourselves on Talentcast!!

Posted by: FIIN (Artist on SellaBand)

YAY! Thanks guys - hope we get plenty of votes!!!


Chabliz videoclip of the month !

Posted by: Chabliz (Artist on ReverbNation)

Thank you !!! We are very glad that we are the videoclip of the month and we hope you'll enjoy our Blondie-esque song "Blue Strike" . It will be one of the first songs on our new album, that will be released this spring ! Our album is already recorded, mixed and mastered.

greets from Chabliz


Posted by: Julie Lamb (Artist on ReverbNation)

Thanks to TalentCast for making this an easy to use, fun and artist focussed space. Thanks also for the opportunity to get in front of more people to promote my album - which, I must say, has a life of it's own. I really trust you enjoy listening to my music as much as I have enjoyed creating it.
What a privilege to have won this weeks TalentCast spot:



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