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Charts Top 3

1 The Crocked Monsieurs
Home sweet home

2 Darren J Claxton
Never grow old

3 Lee-Leet
I'm sorry


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Videoclip of the Month for April 2014:
Queen of disguise by La Strange

Videoclip of the Month:

Queen of disguise


La Strange

Hi folks!

Posted by: Crosseyed Miles (Artist on ReverbNation)

I'm new here so wanted to say hello. MY name is GP, and I'm from Rochester NY. MY project is Crosseyed Miles, and I range from Rock to Pop & Country. Please check out the three tracks I uploaded, and stop by to say hi! :)


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Song of the Week

Home Sweet Home
The Crocked Monsieurs
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The Crocked Monsieurs

The Crocked Monsieurs are a South London band consisting of songwriters and producers Chris Howard (lead vocals, lead guitar, keyboards) and Colin Batters (rhythm guitar, vocals, harmonica) accompanied by Tony Heasman (bass) and Mick Taylor (drums). The band targets a mature audience who is not into talent contests and teenage pop, but wants to listen to new quality music.

The song Home Sweet Home was recorded in support of Refuge, an organisation for women and children experiencing domestic violence. It was inspired by conversations between a close friend of the band about her own experiences of violence at home. The song has been played on several radio stations and was included on Red Dragon Records compilation CD 2nd Renaissance.

Website of The Crocked Monsieurs


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The Crocked Monsieurs

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