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Edition: Friday, 27 June 2014

Duration: 01:02:09

File size: 113.8 MB

Next program and voting round, September 5
Music: The Koniac Net - Bricks, Darren J Claxton - Slowed by notes, Crosseyed Miles - Eternity, CATSELF - The journey of all perfect creatures (live), Gayle Skidmore - Whisky & cigarettes, Lyria - What do you want from me, Nemesea - Release me, Absolon - Darkness rising, Hessa - Don't leave me, Aleksandra Tomczyszyn - Tylko my, Samuli.T.Mäkelä - On my mind, Mary Confurius - Bound, Hollywood Diva 2.0 ft. Sugareyes - Not your money, Julia Marcell - Shhh, Trinity Yard - Wanderlust

Welcome to the 300th and last edition of our 7th season.

Today we will play one newcomer, some new songs from artists we have played before and some artists and bands who joined TalentCast this season.

Of course you'll also hear who won last week's Song of the Week competition, and again you are very welcome to vote for the song you like the most. We will play the Song of the Week winner in the first edition after our summer break, on September the 5th.

We will be back with the 1st edition of our 8th season, Friday, September the 5th on the internet and Ede FM and on Sunday, September the 7th on Universe Radio, Fame Music Radio and Freedom Choice Radio.

Ede FM, Universe Radio, Fame Music Radio and Freedom Choice Radio, thank you for broadcasting TalentCast this season. We wish you, all listeners and artists a sunny and musical summer!
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