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Charts Top 3

1 The Crocked Monsieurs
Home sweet home

2 Darren J Claxton
Never grow old

3 Lee-Leet
I'm sorry


On this page you can vote for your favorite song played in our latest edition of TalentCast (April 18 2014 / Edition 290). The song that gets the most votes will become our next Song of the Week.

Visit this page for more information about the rules of the game.

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Bardzo Bardzo
On the horizon

J. Whitman

Fuji Kureta
Aunt Lotte

Casee Wilson

Julia Marcell

Mechanic love

Drowning Melancholy

Slim Void
Something burning

Wicked teaser

MEO & The Alternative Preachers
Judgement day

This Flight Tonight
All my life

The SOME x 6 Band
Strange kinda feelin

Time is a place

Song of the Week

Home Sweet Home
The Crocked Monsieurs
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The Crocked Monsieurs

The Crocked Monsieurs are a South London band consisting of songwriters and producers Chris Howard (lead vocals, lead guitar, keyboards) and Colin Batters (rhythm guitar, vocals, harmonica) accompanied by Tony Heasman (bass) and Mick Taylor (drums). The band targets a mature audience who is not into talent contests and teenage pop, but wants to listen to new quality music.

The song Home Sweet Home was recorded in support of Refuge, an organisation for women and children experiencing domestic violence. It was inspired by conversations between a close friend of the band about her own experiences of violence at home. The song has been played on several radio stations and was included on Red Dragon Records compilation CD 2nd Renaissance.

Website of The Crocked Monsieurs


Song of the Week


The Crocked Monsieurs

The Song of the Week will be on our website for 1 week.
* Ede FM will play the Song of the Week at least 40 times during 1 week.
* TalentCast will play the Song of the Week again in the next edition.